Take your leadership skills to the next level with
The Art of the Suit!


While coaching is increasingly recognised as an essential success driver, many people remain uncertain about the value. I offer a diverse range of coaching platforms. Contact me to find out which one is ideal for you.

Anatomy of a Personal Brand

This programme helps you unpack and then repackage your personal brand.  Guaranteed to increase your level of confidence, sense of fit and develop much clearer goals - Anatomy of a Personal Brand is an essential for everyone!

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Maximise your Business and Executive skills

Further to the Business & Executive coaching techniques that I bring to you, you will benefit from the experience and insights I have gathered over three decades in business. I call it my treasure trove of successes, failures and dreams.

High Performance Team Coaching

A clear indicator of a Leader's likely success is the ability to develop a High Performance Team. My HPTC programme draws on the work of a number of leading Academic thinkers in this field. Heavily results focussed, this programme delivers growth and practical, workplace implementation.

Leadership support and development


The Leader slot is a lonely place! I know from personal experience. Bespoke coaching solutions are provided using a blend of mentoring, coaching and consulting tools.  

Get motivated.


Whether it's a keynote address, a lunchtime presentation or a workshop I offer a choice of motivational and inspiring platforms. Each addresses a particular aspect of the challenges we face in business today. And gets you motivated through practical, fundamental insights and actions.  Below is a brief out line of three of my most popular themes.

Anatomy of a Personal Brand


Your unique personality, talent and skills make you a saleable item. Its time unpack and repackage your brand.

The Art of the Suit



Rather than the science of business, this is the reality of what it takes to create an environment for success.

You are the Cheese in the Sandwich

AI may be the hottest forecast but talent management is key to success. How do you recognise talent and put it to use?

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