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Take your leadership skills to the next level with
The Art of the Suit!


While coaching is increasingly recognised as an essential success driver, many people remain uncertain about the value. I offer a diverse range of coaching platforms. Contact me to find out which one is ideal for you.

NOW ON-LINE! Anatomy of a Personal Brand

In need of reinventing yourself? Heading into a new career direction?

This programme helps you unpack and then repackage your Personal Brand.  Guaranteed to increase your level of confidence, sense of fit and develop much clearer goals - Anatomy of a Personal Brand is an essential for everyone! Get started with my FREE 4-part INTRODUCTION to Anatomy of a Personal Brand or head straight for the FULL PROGRAMME.

Maximise your Business and Executive skills

Further to the Business & Executive coaching techniques that I bring to you, you will benefit from the experience and insights I have gathered over three decades in business. I call it my treasure trove of successes, failures and dreams.

High Performance Team Coaching

A clear indicator of a Leader's likely success is the ability to develop a High Performance Team. My HPTC programme draws on the work of a number of leading Academic thinkers in this field. Heavily results focussed, this programme delivers growth and practical, workplace implementation.

Leadership support and development


The Leader slot is a lonely place! I know from personal experience. Bespoke coaching solutions are provided using a blend of mentoring, coaching and consulting tools.  

Get motivated.


Whether it's a keynote address, a lunchtime presentation or a workshop I offer a choice of motivational and inspiring platforms. Each addresses a particular aspect of the challenges we face in business today. And gets you motivated through practical, fundamental insights and actions.  Below is a brief out line of three of my most popular themes.

Anatomy of a Personal Brand


Your unique personality, talent and skills make you a saleable item. It's time to unpack and repackage your brand.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment we need to ensure that we maximise our talents to both differentiate and position ourselves for success. Formal qualifications are no longer enough and gaining the desired work experience is becoming increasingly difficult. And of course we have the threat of Ai looming on the horizons of so many job functions!

Words such as: “authenticity, agility, transformative, creative” are now values that are commonly found in job opportunity descriptions. It is no surprise that people are feeling increasingly overwhelmed and stressed when all they can see is an increasingly competitive world with expectations beyond a formal skillset. And yet each of us already possess skills and assets that we have not recognised and that can be used to enhance this much needed differentiation. 

My course is now available on-line offering you a combination of on-demand learning videos, so that you can engage at your pace, along with face-to-face coaching sessions with me.


Visit to download the FREE app and register.  And then have a look at the course - on a "try before you buy" basis.


The Art of the Suit

Rather than the science of business, this is the reality of what it takes to create an environment for success.

This talk, and the subject matter of Dawn’s first book, draws on 35 years experience as a Brand builder, advertising executive and business owner. 

The Art of the Suit presents an entertaining insight to the essential components and behaviours you should employ to protect yourself and your creative ideas.

For many this talk is a useful reminder of the components you may intuitively know but have allowed to slip. For others it is an added dimension – the reality of helping a business survive beyond the text books of business school. 



Alice in wonderland

Lessons from a timeless story of overcoming barriers up the ladder of success.

What happens when you step through the looking glass.
The opportunity for women in business is unprecedented. As good as this news may be, the reality is that breaking new ground means that you don’t know what lies beneath.  There is a growing, collective, voice of women who are expressing concern about feeling powerless and undermined in previously male dominated environments.  This is a global phenomenon but the complexity of the South African fabric seems to magnify the challenges and renders many of the “global case studies” irrelevant. 

The strain of assimilating the added demands and complexities of business, whilst continuing with more traditional roles, often results in acute and unceasing stress for women. The impact on health in every dimension is obvious and sometimes may seem insane. Almost like Alice in Wonderland! 

Whilst tools such as Executive & Business coaching are acknowledged as, now, crucial aides to success, this talk provides a fresh perspective – sometimes serious and scientific, sometimes more humorous, to encourage women to learn to play the long game. 

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